Our cats – Athena

Really don’t know why Athena hasn’t been snatched up she is absolutely beautiful.

Athena is a beautiful petite loving cat who is relaxed, inquisitive, calm and loves company. She enjoys a lot of attention and so would suit an owner who is home a lot. She is great company as she enjoys following you around and playing with toys. She is affectionate but not yet a lap cat, although that could come in time. 

She is rather nervous around small children but enjoys the company of older children and will happily take herself off to a quieter place if things get a bit noisy for her. 

Although she is happy indoors at the moment she has been an outdoor cat and would benefit from access to a safe outdoor space. 

As she is a long-haired cat she will need regular grooming to ensure she doesn’t end up with mats.

When Athena came into our care she was underweight, vet checked and then neutered.

Age: 1
Status: Rehomed