Our cats – maisie

Maisie is about 5 years old. A small black cat who has a red hue in sunshine. She is extremely loving and comes for cuddles. She isn’t overly keen on being picked up but getting used to it now after 8 months in foster. Maisie had a rough start and was abused by drug dealers that used her for kittens and didn’t feed her and attacked her with water and kicked her. She came in severely under weight and with mastitis. She is very good with people and trusting despite what she’s been though. She loves a high perch to sleep and would love a loving home where she is queen bee. No other cats. She seems ok with children. She’s a homey cat and just goes out to do business. She has gained weight and is a healthy little cat with a shiny coat. She has one patch of fur that hasn’t grown back on her left flank.

Age: 5 years
Status: Rehomed