Our cats – Panda and Flash

This is Panda and Flash. They are lovely 1 year old brother and sister, neutered and spayed, flea treated and chipped. They are indoor cats who are litter trained. They love their food and especially the wet pouches. At night they sleep on the bed and keep their favourite human company. They are perfect for anyone and they come from a household with children over 7. Unfortunately they do not like dogs due to a previous bad experience.

Panda is curious and likes sniffing around things. She loves and seeks attention from her human but still on her own terms. She is playful and cuddly when settled. She likes to be a funambulist and walk on narrow window sills and mantelpieces.

Flash has a little white flash symbol on his back. He is quite a chilled cat. He loves food and a nap!

Age: 1 year
Status: Rehomed