Our cats – Pebbles

Pebbles is a sweet girl who snuggles up in bed with us and loves a comfy lap. She really doesn’t like other cats and is very vocal about that!

She has some medical issues – a high red blood count and a heart murmur. We had tests done and the results were inconclusive however the 2 most likely causes are a leaking heart valve or a bone marrow problem, neither of which are treatable. So she’s not medicated and is currently happy and well.

She came to us as a stray and because of this, and her health issue meant we didn’t want to subject her to surgery, we are also not sure if she’s neutered but as she’s been in foster for some time now and has never been in heat it’s likely she is. But she will need to be an indoor cat just in case.

If you think you could offer Pebbles a quiet home with lots of fuss then please fill in the adopt form.

Age: Not sure
Status: Rehomed