Our cats – Ralph


Ralph has sadly come back into rescue, a litter rounder and looking very well, however he took a disliking to the neighbours dog.

We would say no dogs or other cats.

Ralph is about 2 years old and was abandoned when his owners left the UK. Since then he’s lived rough on the same street and frequented the neighbours asking for food.

He’s such a sweet boy, very polite and affectionate. Loves ear strokes and chin scratches, comes when called and adores being brushed.

He’s not a lap cat (yet) but will happily sit near you accepting attention. He’s quite talkative and has a loud purr when he’s in his favourite cat bed, which he can be quite amorous with.

No younger children, cats or dogs as he won’t appreciate grabbing and holding. He allows being picked up but doesn’t enjoy it and wriggles free.

He steals the hearts of all who visit and is looking forward to have the same effect on his new family.

Age: 2
Status: Rehomed