Our cats – Rambo & his partner Renee

Rambo has been neutered and microchipped whilst here with us. He came in with another adult Renee who is incredibly shy and kittens. These cats were being looked after by neighbours.

He is in foster now with Renee he is such a big loving boy, Renee has become less shy girl who in time will blossom with Rambo by her side and a family who is gentle and understanding. They deserve to have a nice warm calm house to live in . He is very affectionate and loving. Such a big fluffy boy. If you would like to know more please ask.

Renee and Rambo cannot be separated they have bonded and he is her rock.

The picture if of Rambo unable to take picture of Renee but she is getting there so watch this space!

Age: 2
Status: Rehomed