Our cats – Savy and Rainbow

This is beautiful Savy she is around 14 years old. Savy likes sitting up high or snuggling up in a warm spot. She used to go out in the garden but as she has got older is not bothered about the garden now so would happily be an indoor cat. When she gets to know you she will sit on your lap and enjoy a cuddle. She has a beautiful gentle nature and loves snuggling her head into to you.

Rainbow is Savy daughter and is 13 years old. She is very chatty and always answer you when you speak to her. She loves laying behind the armchair or at the top of the stairs where she can see everyone come and go. She is very gentle by nature she will lay at your feet but doesn’t like being picked up and cuddled . Her favourite thing in sticking her head in your slippers laying by the fire. She. Is definitely an indoor cat about six years ago she got her self lost and really hasn’t wanted to go outdoors since. They are bonded and need to stay together . Both would do well with older owners in a nice quiet house.

Age: 13, 14
Status: Rehomed