Our cats – Sol

Sol is a very sweet little thing on her own though and loves attention and cheek rubs. She has a cute chirrup meow she uses when she wants affection. She would need a home with access to the outdoors, as she loves going off to explore (although comes back when you call) -and often brings in worms as a treat!

She has gorgeous unusual markings as you can see and is spayed/chipped/vaccinated.

Her current owners have had her for ten months nearly. Sadly she doesn’t get on with her sister, and hunts her down/terrorises her. It’s become a real problem with their other cat now very nervous and stressed. The family has tried many things including pheromone therapy/ trying to keep them separate/ separate feeding etc but Sol needs a home where she is the only kitty. Sadly her mum wasent very nice to her when she was a kitten so she is acting out of fear. This is a direct adoption.

Age: 2 years
Status: Rehomed